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 This talented Texan is an accomplished singer/songwriter with a natural ability to do it ALL when it comes to vocal performance.  The vocal range & diversity of this artist along with her natural ability allows Twyla to do & blend her many styles of music….Blues, Jazz, Pop, Country, R&B & Gospel.  Her soulful, edgy vocal stylings can be compared to those distinctive earthy sounds of Bonnie Raitt, Nora Jones, Eva Cassidy & Susan Tedeschi.

Twyla’s years of vocal experience includes television, stage & studio. Recording lead & background vocals on 1000’s of recording artists album projects, songwriter demos, jingles, videos & movie soundtrack.  Her very own solo standout project was EP, “Beautiful Scars”, produced/engineered by award winning Todd Robbins of TX3 Productions “The Workshop”, Franklin TN.  In addition to her own original song, Face My Way, hit song writers the likes of Phil Madeira, Cindy Morgan and Elliott Park graced the project with their phenomenal tunes.  This combination made for an epic first solo outing.  Following close behind is her newly released full album project titled “SING”, produced by grammy award winning musician and arranger, Bobby Flores of BAM Recording Studios of San Antonio, Texas.  A few cover tunes along with five of her own songs, Twyla was graced with three beautiful original songs to record from #1 Billboard song writer, singer & fellow born Texan, Jim Collins working out of Nashville, Tn.

Focused on blazing her own trail, Twyla has accepted an “all genre” or “no genre” attitude. When asked what type of music she sings……

“I’ve tried to pick a music lane, but I cannot hold to a “title” or “genre”…. 

I love music and songs no matter what the category.  

I was just born to SING….it’s that simple.”

The Buzz

 “She is one of thee most versatile voices I’ve heard in years. I liken her to the soulfulness of Wynonna Judd, the class of a Barbra Streisand and the passion of a Melissa Manchester. Every time I hear her sing she flat wears me out because I hang on her every note. She makes every song she sings hers.”
Rudy “Fearless” Fernandez – KEAN 105

“A sound that’s comparable to greats like Bonnie Raitt and Eva Cassidy, Foreman’s voice and melody’s draw you in and wrap you in a beauty that’s hard to find.”
D Grant Smith KACU-FM


"After having Twyla grace multiple album projects in my studio over the last several years, it was a very high honor and privilege to be asked to produce her first full CD. I knew one thing for certain, that it was going to be one incredible album and I was so right! Twyla’s ability to not only cover so many styles, but also masterfully conquer them, makes her one of the most versatile artists I’ve ever known. Her years of performing allow her to exhibit complete confidence on stage as she sails vocally through a wide genre of musical colors. I’ve yet to see anyone that hasn’t been totally floored when they hear her Sing."

Producer Bobby Flores of BAM Recording Studios

"We love Twyla Foreman at Big Note Studio. We have been recording and making music together for many years. Twyla makes it sound like the record. She grew up singing in the studio and knows all the tricks that makes my life easy.  Twyla can sing 3 part harmony faster than I can hit the R button. Love her newest CD, SING. She really is singing from the heart. We have a saying at Big Note. It’s not finished till Twyla puts her part on. Buy her new CD .You will love it. Thank you Jesus for Twyla Foreman."  

Producer & Owner Big Note Studios, Terry Mashburn

Sing. The Album

 This latest album is a compilation of some of theirs and some of mine. A few of my favorite cover tunes, a few of my own songs, the help of the late, Michael Henry Martin and three tunes from #1 country music Billboard topping songwriter, Jim Collins.  This album has a gloriously written beginning with a common theme of the many happy memories. Each tune is representing the joys of singing through whatever life brings. However, true to the phrase "life imitating art", in the middle of the project my mother passed away, then a few months afterward, my brother followed. In an instant, I had to walk the "theme" of this album project out in real time. The beginning of the last song on the album features my mother singing her favorite hymn, "The Love Of God" acapella. Thankfully, before she passed, I was able to record her voice to my iphone the night before she was admitted into Hospice care and thus beginning her earthly ending. The project took an emotionally induced pause and a few months later, my brother passed away.  About a year later and what seemed like an axis earth shift, I was able to regroup to go into the studio to do the mixing. My friend and producer, Bobby Flores was able to incorporate the challenging recording I made of my mother, into the song I had written about my mother, "Little Gospel Church" (whew). It is the only recording we have of what once was the glorious voice that charted her children and children's children into beautiful course of loving God.  It's a bitter sweet ending and one of which some of us haven't the courage to listen to yet. Since then, I've heard the song come clearly over the internet via Pandora.  Gathering up my heart, I'm able to adjust and listen, then smile. I hope this album brings you to a moment when through the tears and the grief you can Sing there's no tomorrow.